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Archived here are links to the Run on Sun Monthly Newsletter dating back to January, 2010.

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2022 - Volume XIII

Issue 5 - May 2022

Rally to Kill the Solar Tax!

Issue 4 - April 2022

What doesn't Governor Newsom get?

Say Hello to REC Solar!

Issue 3 - March 2022

No Newsletter

Issue 2 - February 2022

No Newsletter

Issue 1 - January 2022

Prepared Remarks of Jim Jenal before the CPUC

Run on Sun Rallies for Solar Jobs - along with a few thousand of our friends!

Guess Who is Certified to Install IQ8?

2021 - Volume XII

Issue 12 - December 2021

Your solar investment is under attack. Fight back!

Rally Time!

Issue 11 - November 2021

Campaign to Save Rooftop Solar - Update!

Catching a Break?

Point of Personal Privilege

Issue 10 - October 2021

Battle to Save Rooftop Solar - Act Now!

Enphase IQ8 Released - Sunlight Backup is a Thing!

NEM 3.0 Transition Rules - Potential Solar Clients Need to Read This!

Issue 9 - September 2021

New Feature: Installation of the Month!

Issue 8 - August 2021

What we know about the upcoming NEM 3.0

Issue 7 - July 2021

A Win for SolarAPP+

Rethinking Maintenance for Residential Solar Projects

Issue 6 - June 2021

Against the Odds: AB 1139 Defeated!

Trouble Brewing at the CPUC

The Shame: CPUC to Publicly List Contractors Violating Consumer Protection Rules

Issue 5 - May 2021

AB 1139 Slithers Forward

Meanwhile, SB 617 Dies

Issue 4 - April 2021

A Tale of Two Bills

Issue 3 - March 2021

The Battle to Preserve Net Metering is Underway - Update!

SCE Just Hiked Their Rates - Here's What That Means For You!

Issue 2 - February 2021

Welcome Amanda Watson!

The Battle to Preserve Net Metering is Underway - Time to Fight!

Traffic Brings Hope!

Issue 1 - January 2021

Getting some Google Love

Enphase joins the S&P 500!

Enphase extends deadline for Ensemble Storage System rebates!

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2020 - Volume XI

Issue 12 - December 2020

Happy New Year - the Solar & Storage Tax Credit is Extended!

Going Live in Altadena!

Installing Solar in a Time of Lockdowns

Issue 11 - November 2020

Power Trip: The Fight to Kill Solar

From Drone to Done!

Point of personal privilege...

Issue 10 - October 2020

Due to technical difficulties - no newsletter this month!

Issue 9 - September 2020

Scam Warning - Why Solar is NOT a DIY Project

Power Start - Giving Storage Systems a Boost!

Issue 8 - August 2020

Building on a Legacy: Enphase Opens Ensemble to
Earlier Generation Micros!

Utility Scale Battery Storage for the Win!

Behind the Meter to the Rescue!

Issue 7 - July 2020

How do you spell Relief: S O L A R!

FERC Ruling: Win for Net Metering, for Now!

Issue 6 - June 2020

Update on Net Metering Attack at the FERC

Preview of Coming Attractions

Issue 5 - May 2020

SCE Hikes Rates 6%

New Rule in SCE Territory Makes Solar + Storage More Valuable

We're Back in the Business of Space!

Issue 4 - April 2020

Happy Earth Day - Fifty Years On!

While You Were Sleeping: Will FERC Preempt States' Ability to Regulate Solar?

Run on Sun Update

Issue 3 - March 2020

Dealing with Covid-19

Utilities Up to Their Usual Tricks!

Stock Market Scary? Time to Invest in Solar!

Issue 2 - February 2020

Watch Out - Shortcut Solar at Work!

Run on Sun Enters the Drone Era!

SMUD Scheme Threatens New Solar Homes Mandate

Issue 1 - January 2020

I've got solar; why is my bill so high?

Hands-On with Ensemble - My Trip to Enphase!

See you in San Diego?

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2019 - Volume X

Issue 12 - December 2019

Looking Forward to 2020!

Now You See It... Cool New Product from Everest!

Issue 11 - November 2019

Win Some, Lose Some…

Let's Talk Ensemble!

LADWP Drops AC Disconnect & Performance Meter Requirements - a Contrarian View

Issue 10 - October 2019

Jim Jenal for CALSSA Board!

The Solar Fire that Wasn't!

Speaking of Fires!

Issue 9 - September 2019

Help Give Run on Sun a Boost!

SPI 2019 Review

Short Sellers and Forged Signatures

Issue 8 - August 2019


FIRE! Walmart Sues SolarCity/Tesla Over Rash of Solar Fires

Say Hello to Jenni O'Neil

Issue 7 - July 2019

Run on Sun - Top Solar Contractor for Six of the Past Seven Years!

California Solar Consumer Protection Guide Hits the Streets

Enphase Energy: Crushing It!

Issue 6 - June 2019

Ensemble Rollout Coming into Focus

Issue 5 - May 2019

We Got Rolled

Enphase Releases New Video on IQ8 and Ensemble

EVs can Boost the Value of Solar

Issue 4 - April 2019

Enphase IQ8 Update...

Zillow Report: Solar Boosts Home Prices by 4.1%

Update on the Federal Tax Credit for Residential Solar

Issue 3 - March 2019

Scanifly - the Coolest Thing I've seen this Year!

Other Developments from the NABCEP CE Conference

Clean Power Alliance -- NEM Fail!

Issue 2 - February 2019

Solar Bill of Rights Introduced in California Legislature

Meet Shortcut Solar!

Enphase Announces Delay in IQ8 Roll-out

Issue 1 - January 2019

We're Turning Ten!

Clean Power Alliance is Coming - is that a Good Thing?

Pasadena Adopts New Integrated Resource Plan

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2018 - Volume IX

Issue 12 - December 2018

Understanding Tiered vs TOU Rates

What I Saw at Enphase - Mind Blown!

I've got solar; why is my bill so high?

Issue 11 - November 2018

Climate Assessment Report: Dire Threat Largely Ignored

NY Times asks: How much Hotter is Your Hometown than when You were Born?

Enphase announces Upgrade Program for Early Adopters…

Issue 10 - October 2018

I've got solar; why is my bill so high?

Upcoming Enphase Webinars

IPCC Climate Report - 2040 Deadline

Issue 9 - September 2018

SB 700 Signed into Law!

EV Rebates - not just for PWP Customers!

SPI Recap Coming...

Issue 8 - August 2018

What I Saw at Enphase - Mind Blown!

PWP Offering Rebates for EVs and EV Chargers

Introducing Victoria Villalobos!

Issue 7 - July 2018

I've Got Solar, So Why am I Suffering in this Blackout?

Order Restored: Run on Sun Rejoins Top Solar Contractors List for 2018

Think Your Solar Investment is Safe? Think Again!

Issue 6 - June 2018

Dropping the Ball - CPUC & CSLB Punt Disclosure Document Deadline

My Electric Bill is So High! Will Solar Help? Part 1: How High is High?

LG to Assemble Solar Modules in the US

Issue 5 - May 2018

Solar Policy: A Victory and a Challenge

LG Expands Warranty to Full 25 Years!

Understanding Tiered vs TOU Rates

Issue 4 - April 2018

My Electric Bill is So High! Will Solar Help? Part 1: How High is High?

Do "Boob" Ads Sell Solar?

Why does a Solar Client Choose Enphase?

Issue 3 - March 2018

Sweet Relief - LA County Signs-off on Solar for Center-Fed Service Panels

Problem Solving 101 - "I lost the map!"

Rethinking the "Cost" of Solar

Issue 2 - February 2018

Beware SCE's Attempt to Switch Solar Customers to TOU Rates!

Down the Rabbit Hole - Two Years Later

Cinematic Solar is Bad - Run on Sun is Here to Help!

Issue 1 - January 2018

Solar Tariffs - What Does this Mean for You?

Run on Sun Founder & CEO, Jim Jenal, Profiled in VoyageLA

Run on Sun & KPCC Partner to Provide Solar Benefits

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2017 - Volume VIII

Issue 12 - December 2017

I've got solar; why is my bill so high?

Solar Boom Devolves to Power "Glut"

The Biggest News at SPI 2017 - B3 Bypass

Issue 11 - November 2017

Solar Policy Progress!

How NOT to Advertise for Solar

Preview of Coming Attractions…

Issue 10 - October 2017

Solar Litigation Primer - Lessons Learned as an Expert Witness

Building Client Trust - Podcast with Run on Sun Founder & CEO, Jim Jenal

This is Not a Spectator Sport

Issue 9 - September 2017

Pasadena Solar Rebate Ends December 31st!

The Biggest News at SPI 2017 - B3 Bypass

Pasadena's Power Mix - Room for Improvement

Issue 8 - August 2017

Court to SolarEdge: DENIED!

Mr. Jenal Goes to Sacramento

100 Years of Global Warming in 35 Seconds!

Issue 7 - July 2017

SE Takes the Leap, Highlighting Enphase's Superior Product

NEM 2.0 is Here - Now What?

Solar Market 2017 - a Different Environment

Issue 6 - June 2017

Solar Boom Devolves to Power "Glut"

From 'Glut' to Glory - Making Storage Work! ACTION NEEDED!

And while you are at it…

Issue 5 - May 2017

NEM 2.0 is Coming - But Not Before July 1

Run on Sun is Pasadena Solar!

Suniva Trade Case Update

Issue 4 - April 2017

Suniva - the Tail Wagging the Dog

Knock, Knock - Who's There?

A Tale of Two Roofs

Issue 3 - March 2017

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Solar + Storage = $avings!

Solar Gets Serious about Consumer Protection

Issue 2 - February 2017

Update: Net Metering 2.0 Coming Soon!

I've got Solar; Why is my Bill so High?

Solar Means Jobs!

Issue 1 - January 2017

3 Solar Company Ploys that Cost Consumers

Meet Sara Pavey!

When is PACE Not a Hero?

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2016 - Volume VII

Issue 12 - December 2016

How Clean is Solar Power?

Congratulations to Laurel for Earning NABCEP Certification

Some Good News Heading into the New Year!

Issue 11 - November 2016

Five Reasons the ITC Won't be Scrapped

Direct Ownership of Residential Solar Systems
Will Surpass Third-Party Systems in 2017

Ch-ch-ch-Changes to LA's Energy Mix!

Issue 10 - October 2016

Understanding Tiered vs TOU Rates

How Green is PWP? Not so much…

Looking ahead to the Enphase IQ System

Issue 9 - September 2016

Solving the Solar Sustainability Problem

Solar Power International 2016: Industry Latest and Greatest

Run on Sun PSA: Time to Wash Your Array!

Issue 8 - August 2016

Run on Sun's Secret Solar Weapon: Velvet Art!

Check out our Cool New Video

Coming to a road near you - E-Trucks!

Issue 7 - July 2016

2016 Top 500 Solar Contractors: Still on Top!

Intersolar 2016 - Bests & Worsts of the Hottest Solar Event of the Year

Consumer Reports: Now is a good time to consider solar

Issue 6 - June 2016

Scared of Solar?

PWP Rebates Fall August 1!

Solar Power - Doctor's Orders!

Issue 5 - May 2016

We Are One Million Solar Strong!

Looking into Solar? Careful Where You Click!

UPDATE: Munis are Shutting Down Net Metering!

Issue 4 - April 2016

SunEdison's Failure - Non-Event for Our Solar Clients

Solar Impulse - Triumphant in CA!

Munis Shutting Down Net Metering!

Issue 3 - March 2016

This is Not Good!

US and Canada Commit to Clean Energy

Clean Power Plan Drama In a Nutshell

Issue 2 - February 2016

Net Metering 2.0 Explained

Solar Census: 10% of Solar Workforce is in LA Metro Area!

EVs are Coming - Fast!

Issue 1 - January 2016

Who is Paying You to Go Solar in 2016?

Tripling Down - LG to Triple NeON Production by 2020

The Run on Sun Approach to Solar...Without Salesmen

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2015 - Volume VI

Issue 12 - December 2015

World Leaders Talk Climate Solutions — Solar Stands Out

Happy Holidays!

Top 5 Reasons Solar Soared in 2015!

Issue 11 - November 2015

KPCC Auction Features the Gift of Solar with Run on Sun

Your Solar Savings - Stolen?

Solar Thankfulness - 2015

Issue 10 - October 2015

Assessing My Home's Solar Potential: Step-by-Step

3 Rules to Avoid Shady Solar Contracts

Preparing for the End - of the Solar Tax Credit

Issue 9 - September 2015

Busy, busy, busy!

Run on Sun Named a Top Solar Contractor in the US!

The Perils of Dishonest Solar Salesmen

Issue 8 - August 2015

Intersolar North America 2015 - Recap

Only YOU Can Save Rooftop Solar!

Google: You're Being Evil!

Issue 7 - July 2015

Enphase Revisits Westridge Solar Project

Will LA County Clean up its Act?

Issue 6 - June 2015

Roofing Reality Check. Top 3 Considerations for Solar

Are Pasadena's Electric Rates Regressive?

Solar Impulse Making History

Issue 5 - May 2015

Elon Musk's 3-Biggest Powerwall Whoppers

It's so On! SI2 Launches on 6-day Flight to Hawaii

Issue 4 - April 2015

Chandler School Chooses Run on Sun

Top 3 Ways Solar = Water Conservation

Final Thoughts

Issue 3 - March 2015

Pasadena Solar Rebates Plummet!

Who has the Edge? 3 Reasons to Pick Enphase over SolarEdge

50% Renewables by 2030...How Will California Do It?? - Part 1

Issue 2 - February 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Stay Away from that Solar Lease!

Energy-Efficient Homes are Hot!

Solar Women Bring It! …to the NationWISE Roundtable

Issue 1 - January 2015

Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait to Go Solar

2015 Solar Rebate Update

Its Official…Solar Boosts Home-Owners' Property Values!


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2014 - Volume V

Issue 12 - December 2014

2014 - The Best Year in Solar, Ever!

How Green is Your EV?

Thanks and Onward to 2015!

Issue 11 - November 2014

BP Solar Flames Out - Leaves Consumers at Risk

Who's Fueling Whom? WSPA's Covert Campaign Against Cap & Trade

US & China Agree on GHG Reductions

Issue 10 - October 2014

Myth Debunked: Renewables Replacing Dirty Energy!

2014 - Warmest Year Ever?

Keeping the Lights on...

Issue 9 - September 2014

Support Solar!

Meet Kendra Hubbard - Intern Extraordinaire!

Tracking Solar Permits

Issue 8 - August 2014

Do Pro-Solar Policies Hurt the Poor?

SolarWorld Announces Major Recall

Brad Banta - Thanks and Farewell

Issue 7 - July 2014

Intersolar Wrapup: Sexism Declines, but Chaos Looms

Teaching the Duck to Fly

Burbank's Rebate Raffle - Wild, Weird West

Issue 6 - June 2014

Just in time for Summer - SCE Jacks its Rates

Pasadena's Electric Rates Spark Concern

SCE Spikes GS-1, GS-2 Rates

Issue 5 - May 2014

SCE's EV vs Domestic Rates - Driver Beware!

How Safe is Your Solar Power System?

Los Angeles County Gets HERO Financing

Issue 4 - April 2014

Open Letter to LG: Life's Not So Good!

Feed-in Tariff Wrap-up: Also Rans and a New Entry

Study: Selling Solar to Women

Issue 3 - March 2014

Net Metering Gets 20-Year Reprieve

The (Rebate) Party's Over—SCE Imposes Residential Wait List

LADWP Announces... Hope?

Issue 2 - February 2014

LA: Where Good News Goes to Die

Solar Rebate Update

Run on Sun Profiled at Solar Power World

Issue 1 - January 2014

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes: Rolling out the New Run on Sun Website

Comparing SCE Rates for Commercial Users

Petition to Protect Solar Rights


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2013 - Volume IV

Issue 12 - December 2013

Solar Stocking Stuffer… Commercial Solar: Step-by-Step

How can Love Survive?

Shape of Solar as 2013 Ends

Issue 11 - November 2013

A Word of Thanks

Aw Geez, Fox News is at it Again!

Residential Solar Loans from Run on Sun

Issue 10 - October 2013

Open Letter to Unirac: Say It Ain't So!

A Question of Equities - Utility Attacks vs Solar Reality

Vote for Run on Sun!

Issue 9 - September 2013

Fire! Is Solar a Threat?

Solar Decathlon Update - Coming Together

Run on Sun Named One of Top Solar Contractors

Issue 8 - August 2013

State of SoCal Solar 2013

SCE Threatens Suit Over Satirical Solar Video

Try Doing That with a String Inverter!

Issue 7 - July 2013

Intersolar 2013 - Hot, Not and Idiotic

LADWP FiT 2nd Tranche Report

Case Study: Westridge Project One Year Later

Issue 6 - June 2013

Swan SONGS, Solar Spikes

Burbank Rebate Program Re-opens Via Lottery

Financing Commercial Solar: Step-by-Step

Issue 5 - May 2013

Enphase Joins the Team: Donates Microinverter System to USC Solar Decathlon Effort

Solar Impulse Soars Across America

Run on Sun & KPCC Partner to Provide Solar Benefits

Issue 4 - April 2013

Unirac Supports USC Solar Decathlon Team

SCE Rolls Out Major Rate Changes

FTC Limits "Solar-Powered" Claims

Issue 3 - March 2013

Lancaster Lights Up for Solar!

Solar Trends: Storage & Lower Cost

How Things Fail: A Commercial Disaster Waiting to Happen

Issue 2 - February 2013

It's On - PG&E Declares War on Solar!

LA Feed-in Tariff Update: First Tranche is Fully Subscribed

Sarah Dara Joins Run on Sun

Issue 1 - January 2013

Who Pays for Solar Power?

LADWP Board Approves 100MW Feed-in Tariff

Half Way There: Renewables 49% of 2012 New Capacity


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2012 - Volume III

Issue 12 - December 2012

Centex Clouds Solar Tile Repairs

SCE Rates Set for 3-Year Climb

Tesla Model S - Motor Trend's Car of the Year

Issue 11 - November 2012

LADWP Updates FiT Status

Coal: Ripe for Retirement

Run on Sun Featured at PVTech

Issue 10 - October 2012

Solar Means Business!

PWP to Host Solar Workshop

Q: What is more popular than Solar? A: Nothing!

Issue 9 - September 2012

Solar Power International 2012 Recap

Outliers & Oddities - State of SoCal Solar 2012

Community Solar Bill Defeated - Wait 'til Next Year

Issue 8 - August 2012

Enphase Features Run on Sun & Westridge School

Green is Now: California's IOUs Hit RPS Target

Climate Skeptic "Converts" - Will Others Follow?

Issue 7 - July 2012

Non-Residential PACE Rebounds - at Least in LA County

InterSolar 2012 Recap

Power to the People - Support SB 843!

Issue 6 - June 2012

CPUC Provides Progress on Net Metering

Here’s Your Chance to Help Grow Run on Sun!

Solar Eclipse - A Data Geek's View

Issue 5 - May 2012

Westridge Project Video - a Viral Sensation!

Pasadena Rolls out EV Rates - But NOT for PV?

Public Solar: Enphase & SolarCity

Issue 4 - April 2012

Westridge Solar Project Honored, Featured

PWP to Slash Residential Rebates

Acknowledging Climate Change Doesn't Make You a Liberal

Issue 3 - March 2012

Solar Triumphant - Run on Sun Makes it Right!

Clash of the Solar Titans: SunPower Sues SolarCity

Suntech Recalls Solar Roofing Tiles

Issue 2 - February 2012

Think Solar is a DIY Project? Think Again!

LADWP Solar Incentive Program Data Update

Heather Andrews - PVAddict - RIP

Issue 1 - January 2012

Sunny California Solar Highlights from 2011

Power Outage Safety

Sanyo Springs to Panasonic

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2011 - Volume II

Issue 12 - December 2011

Westridge Chooses Run on Sun for Solar Project

Solar Works for America Profiles Run on Sun

Solar in LA - Leader or Laggard?

Issue 11 - November 2011

Jim Jenal Running for SEIA Board

SPI 2011 - Wrap-up & Reflections

No Surprise: 9 out of 10 Americans Back Solar

Issue 10 - October 2011

Why Solyndra Just Doesn't Matter

Caltech's Solar Decathlon Entry

Early Trends from LADWP's SIP Restart

Issue 9 - September 2011

Run on Sun Turns Five - But You Get the Presents!

Oops - There Goes BWP

Outliers & Oddities: Galkos Construction and SolarCity

Issue 8 - August 2011

Solar Install: Step-by-Step

LADWP Solar Incentive Program Relaunched

Will the Debt Deal Derail Solar?

Issue 7 - July 2011

Can Solar Light the Hollywood Sign?

Solar in California Just Got Cheaper!

Report from LADWP's Solar Workshop

Is PACE Staging a Comeback?

Issue 6 - June 2011

What Kind of Company Chooses Solar?

Why is the Enphase M215 So HOT?

Companies that Lease Solar May Run Afoul of the FTC

Issue 5 - May 2011

Are Solar-Powered Homes More Valuable? Yes!

Run on Sun Featured in Pasadena Weekly Article - The City of the Future

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint - One Server (and PC) at a Time

Issue 4 - April 2011

What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Power

Pasadena One of Top-10 Cleantech Cities in U.S.

Consumer Spending Up - To Pay for Energy!

Issue 3 - March 2011

Gasoline in LA Hits Record February High - Scary Summer without Solar!

Here's Two Takes from the Solar Kid!

What You Need to Know About Commercial Solar Power in Three Easy Lessons

Issue 2 - February 2011

Pasadena Sends Out AB 920 Compensation Forms

"Shocking" New Study About Charging EVs

Xantrex Inverter Recall - Run on Sun Can Help

Issue 1 - January 2011

Solar Economics Heading into 2011: Part 1 - Tax Policy

Solar Economics Heading into 2011: Part 2 - Rebates

From the Solar Kid: Eating Green in the New Year

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2010 - Volume I

Issue 12 - December 2010

As EVs Roll Out, Los Angeles Gears Up

Pasadena Adopts AB 920 Compensation Rules - Sorta

What Will You Be? A Post from the Solar Kid

Issue 11 - November 2010

Vote No on Prop 23!

Rebates are Falling - Is a Feed-in Tariff a Better Answer?

Solar Power to Return to the White House

Issue 10 - October 2010

Glendale Suspends its Rebate Program - A Cautionary Tale

Proposition 23 - Suspicion Warranted

Do You Have a Solar Kid? We Do!

Issue 9 - September 2010

Is PACE Dead, and with it the LACEP?

Installer's Dilemma - Solar Power Systems as a Commodity or Hi-End Item?

It's Official - Solar Power is Now More Cost-Effective than Nuclear

Issue 8 - August 2010

What is the State of Solar in California?

Run on Sun Featured in Article by Solar Charged Driving

Corporations are Hoarding Money - Time to Invest in Solar

Issue 7 - July 2010

Do Micro-Inverters Really Make a Difference?

Pasadena First City to Join LA County Energy Program

Senate Climate Change Bill - Flawed, but a Start

Issue 6 - June 2010

AB 811 Program Adopted - But Will it Work?

NAS Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change

Time to Change our Fuelish Ways

Issue 5 - May 2010

Building a Solar Future

AB 811 Timeline Update

Run on Sun Bats 1000 in Achieving NABCEP Certification

Issue 4 - April 2010

A Conversation with PWP

AB 510 Signed - Expands Cap on Net Metering Agreements

Scam Warning - Why Solar is Not a DIY Project

Issue 3 - March 2010

Solar Bill of Rights - Rights 7 & 8

AB 920 Notices from PWP & SCE Raise Questions

AB 811 Update

Issue 2 - February 2010

AB 811 Update - Report from Stakeholders Meeting

The Solar Bill of Rights - Rights 2-6

AB 920 Notices Due January 31

Issue 1 - January 2010

The Solar Bill of Rights

AB 811 is Coming to LA County - is Your City In?

A Look Back to Solar 2009 and a Look Ahead to 2010

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