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Run on Sun has been doing Solar right since 2006!

Pasadena is a special place, and no one knows Pasadena solar like Run on Sun.  Whether it installing large systems at schools like Westridge or Chandler, or residential systems throughout the City of Roses, Pasadena-based Run on Sun has been meeting the solar power needs of our neighbors for more than a decade.

Run on Sun has the experience dealing with the City - from PWP, to the Fire Department and Plan Check, to the inspectors in the field - that means that your project will be designed with the City of Pasadena in mind. And that means that your project will be approved without a hitch.

How does this work?

Every design is custom crafted and driven by your energy usage, your building constraints, and your budget.

As part of our design process, we will analyze your bills for the past year to determine the proper size for a solar power system.

  • For SCE customers who are billed according to a tiered rate structure (that is, energy usage in the first two tiers is relatively cheap but gets progressively more expensive as you use more), the goal of a residential system should be to take you out of the upper tiers, thereby maximizing your savings without over-purchasing for your needs.
  • For customers billed under a flatter-rate structure (such as with PWP), every kilowatt hour costs the same, but other charges—such as your customer charge—go up as your usage increases.

Run on Sun utilizes sophisticated billing models for both PWP and SCE, and we will use those tools to help you see what your true savings will be.

The result? A unique design that enhances the value of your home or business by meeting your needs, not ours.



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Don't take our word for it—hear what our clients say…

“I spent a month and a half researching solar companies before choosing Run on Sun. Some of them were large companies and some were mom-and-pop. I was really impressed with Jim Jenal of Run on Sun because of his candor--he just immediately struck me as a genuine and honest person. He also took the time to answer all of my questions and share his comprehensive knowledge of solar with me. At no time did I feel pressured or that he was just trying to sell me something. Jim's passion for solar is sincere.

Run on Sun handled all the paperwork and permit-pulling with the city, the inspections, everything--I had to do nothing. Run on Sun delivered above and beyond on all aspects of the job.

After the install, Jim showed me how I could go online and check the performance of my new system in real-time. I watched it for a few weeks, but quickly got bored and lost interest. A couple months after that, I was surprised to get a call from Jim. He was calling to let me know there was something wrong with my system and he wanted to come fix it! Jim had noticed through online monitoring that the output from one of my panels had gone down over the last week. He took care of it right away at no cost. It was a rare occurrence, but one Jim was on top of immediately.

This incident reinforced in my mind, yet again, that Run on Sun was definitely the best choice for us. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten the same level of after-the-sale attention from any of the other solar companies I interviewed for the job. Jim is committed to doing things right. He has quality people working for him who do stellar work with great products. They were so good at keeping us in the loop every step of the way. I would recommend Run on Sun to anyone. Incidentally, after 11 months of use, we have paid $0 for electricity and produced $300 in excess electricity, which the utility will pay to us in one month!”

Tim D, a Pasadena Solar client - read more great Pasadena Solar reviews for Run on Sun here.

“I am very pleased with the solar array installed by Run on Sun. I was impressed with how straightforward they made all the interactions with PWP, their neat, professional workmanship, and their willingness to accommodate our schedule.
I've been pleasantly surprised with the amount of power generated by the system even in the dark days of December, and I'm looking forward to years of lower electricity bills.”

Jane T, a Pasadena Solar client

Veteran clients are just as pleased, years later, as Jane is today…


As gratifying as Jane's comments are, it is even more satisfying to hear from people who decided to install solar with Run on Sun years ago.

Case in point, Lisa installed solar on her Pasadena home in the spring of 2008. How has the system held up for her and would she do it again? Just listen…

In the end, not just happy customers, but elated clients…

“We had Run on Sun install our solar panels on our home in Pasadena and couldn't be more pleased.
They dealt with the city on our behalf, we did not have to do a thing. The installation was quick and they made sure our rebate was processed quickly. We got several quotes and Run on Sun was very comparable to the industry.
Our electric bills are so small, we are elated.”

Michael M, a Pasadena Solar client

More testimonials to Run on Sun…


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What products should you use for your solar project?

Last year alone, more than 200 different brands of solar modules, and more than 70 different inverter manufacturers had products installed in California. Given that dizzying universe of choices, how are you to know what to use on your project?

That is where our expertise comes into play. We have sifted through those choices and settled on a single product pair for our projects: solar modules from REC Solar and microinverters from Enphase Energy. These two products provide the performance, reliability and features that help make our clients so happy.

What’s special about Enphase and REC? Follow the links above to find out why we believe these are the best products on the market today…

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