Electric Vehicle Owners: Your EV should Run on Sun!

Your EV should Run on Sun and we can show you how

We can show you how...

Owning an EV (or a plug-in hybrid) means that you laugh as you cruise past gas stations, but with double-digit rate increases from SCE, PWP and other utilities, your smile may turn to a frown when you open your next electric bill.
Even so-called EV-friendly rate structures (such as this scary one from SCE) may contain “gotchas” that could have you paying a whole lot of money for the privilege of driving an EV.

That is where solar comes in.

For folks who combine a Run on Sun solar power system with their EV—like our client in the photo on the left—they have the best of both worlds: clean, emissions-free driving and electric bills so low that the smile of satisfaction never leaves your face!

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