Residential Solar Designed to
Fit Your Needs…

Cookie cutters are for baking, not building your home’s solar power system!

Your home is unique—you need a solar company that is focused on meeting your distinctive needs.

Run on Sun knows that every home presents its own set of challenges, and meeting those challenges with a system design and installation specifically tailored to your home is one of the things that sets us apart.

Every design is custom crafted and driven by your energy usage, your building constraints, and your budget.

Every installation enhances the beauty of your home while simultaneously surpassing every code requirement.

How does this work?

As part of our design process, we will analyze your bills for the past year to determine the proper size for a solar power system.

  • For SCE customers who are billed according to a tiered rate structure (that is, energy usage in the first two tiers is relatively cheap but gets progressively more expensive as you use more), the goal of a residential system should be to take you out of the upper tiers, thereby maximizing your savings without over-purchasing for your needs.
  • For customers billed under a flat-rate structure (such as in Pasadena), every kilowatt hour costs the same, but often other charges—such as your customer charge—go up as your usage increases.

Run on Sun has developed sophisticated billing models for the utilities in our service area, and we will use them to help you see what your true savings will be.

The result? A unique design that enhances the value of your home by meeting your needs, not ours.



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This Whitepaper will help you to:

  • Determine if your home and your bills make you a good candidate for solar
  • Find qualified, reliable contractors
  • Evaluate the bids you receive so that you can make an informed decision

Download our free Whitepaper:
My Electric Bill is So High! Will Solar Help?
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Don't take our word for it—hear what our clients say…


“The Run on Sun team did a terrific job providing solar power to my home.
I received detailed information and status reports throughout the project. The entire Run on Sun team is top notch: reliable, on time, efficient and clean! And the best pay-off: my electric bill was $0.87 this month!”

Jeannine F, an Altadena Solar client

In the end, not just happy customers, but elated clients…

“I am quite happy with my decision to go solar, having chosen Run on Sun to do the installation.
They are very professional in their work, very careful to install everything correctly and will not try to oversell what is needed for the project. They worked with DWP to make sure that everything was done to the city's specifications.”

Janet L, a Venice Solar client

Sometimes, serving our client's best interest means saying no. We do that, too…

Run on Sun is an honest company that prioritizes the experience of their customers above all else, even at the expense of their own profit. When I contacted Jim Jenal from Run on Sun to see if a solar panel installation would be a good option for my home, Jim immediately responded to my inquiries and scheduled a site visit. He spent an hour inspecting my home, reviewing my electricity usage, and explaining the technology behind solar. In the end, he recommended that I NOT install solar panels due to my energy consumption and other factors. While other solar companies made bids and tried to convince me to install solar, Run on Sun cared more about whether or not I was truly a good candidate for solar.
Jim Jenal is honest, responsive, and generous with his time and knowledge. His company truly cares about their clients, and they will not convince you to purchase something that is not right for you. Without a doubt, I recommend Run on Sun for anyone interested in installing solar panels!

Lauren McC, Los Angeles

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But what products should you use for your home?

Last year alone, more than 200 different brands of solar modules, and more than 70 different inverter manufacturers had products installed in California. Given that dizzying universe of choices, how are you to know what to use on your home?

That is where our expertise comes into play. We have sifted through those choices and settled on a single product pair for our residential projects: solar modules from REC Solar and microinverters from Enphase Energy. These two products provide the performance, reliability and features that help make our clients so happy.

What’s so special about Enphase and REC? Let’s take a look…

Microinverters from Enphase Energy maximize solar production for Pasadena-area homes…

Microinverters likes those from Enphase Energy—the world leader in microinverter technology—allow us to maximize the production of solar power systems in areas with substantial shade, like the homes you find in the Run on Sun service area. That's because each microinverter operates independently—if one is shaded, the others continue to perform at full capacity, something that is impossible with old-fashioned string inverters.

But Enphase microinverters provide even more benefits:

  • No single point of failure: In a string inverter system—even one with so-called "optimizers"—if the inverter fails your entire system fails. But with microinverters, in the unlikely event that one fails, the remainder of your system continues to operate without interruption.
  • Exceptional monitoring: The Enlighten monitoring system from Enphase provides exceptional, panel-level monitoring that keeps you informed about how your system is performing. And if service is ever needed, we know exactly where to fix the problem.
  • Best warranty protection: Enphase provides a twenty-five year warranty on all of their microinverters, meaning that you can install with confidence.

With all of these advantages, it is no surprise that Run on Sun has installed Enphase microinverters exclusively since 2009!

You can learn more about Enphase products through these links:

Want more? Then check out the Enphase Homeowner's site.

Enphase spec sheets, warranty info and more...


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REC Solar Modules

Solar modules are the heart of any solar power system.

You need your solar modules to be reliable, and backed by a name you can trust.

REC Solar understands that the details matter, and you can see that attention to detail in every step of their manufacturing process as their video shows.

REC brings world class engineering, design, and manufacturing under one great brand for exceptional performance.

The REC Alpha Pure Solar Module offers next-level power and an even greater positive environmental impact. With its innovative gapless cell layout, the REC Alpha Pure uses the entire panel surface to generate power while keeping the panel size compact. Coming with a full black design for optimum appearance and a highly impressive power density of 222 watts/m² it reaches 410 Wp power. What’s more, REC has removed the lead from all Alpha Pure components to create a truly sustainable panel to become even more environmentally-friendly.

Based on REC’s advanced HJT cell structure with an innovative solder-free connection technology, the REC Alpha Pure offers a uniform color and practically invisible connections, making it an elegant solution for all home rooftops and customers wanting to go green.

REC's Alpha Pure Solar Modules provide all of these benefits:

  • Full-black aesthetic for a seamless appearance
  • High power and compact size help get the most from limited spaces for more savings on energy bills
  • Solder-free cells for increased durability
  • 92% power warranted after 25 years – up to 15% more than comparable technologies
  • More energy through a better performance when the sun shines strongest
  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant, so choosing the REC Alpha Pure means you can do even more for the environment than just producing clean energy

REC spec sheets, warranty info and more...


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Just how affordable is solar? More affordable than you think…

Prices have never been better, and the value of solar equipment today is outstanding. Combine that with a generous federal tax credit of 26% and there has never been a better time to go solar.

So stop waiting—now is the time for you to start saving.

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Just how bad are your electric bills?

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