Solar Consulting Services

General Consulting

At Run on Sun® we design, engineer and install state-of-the-art solar power systems for residential and commercial clients. We also offer maintenance contracts, typically purchased in five-year increments, for our systems as well as those installed by others. This is particularly beneficial for clients in the greater-Pasadena area who have had a system installed by a company that is not local or that has gone out of business.

We also offer a variety of solar consulting services. We have served as a solar consultant for both residential and commercial clients in assessing the performance of existing solar power systems. Run on Sun's proprietary methodology allows us to do a real-time solar performance analysis of existing systems, thereby allowing both system owners and regulators to assess their actual Return on Investment.

We have worked as a solar consultant with a number of cities and utilities to aid them in refining their rebate programs and to evaluate systems installed by other companies for compliance with rebate applications.

Solar Industry Analysis Consulting

Our CEO, Jim Jenal, regularly consults with business and financial analysts on the state of the solar industry.

Expert Witness Service in Solar Litigation

In part thanks to his unique experience both as a trial lawyer (in an earlier life) for a major Los Angeles law firm, along with more than a decade of hands-on experience in the solar installation business, Jim has also been sought out to serve as an expert witness regarding best practices in the residential and commercial solar power industry.

Representative Case:

  • Mandt v. American Solar Solutions, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, 2017; expert witness for plaintiff homeowner who was fraudulently induced to purchase an over-priced and under-performing system from defendant.
    Case settled on the eve of trial in plaintiff's favor.