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June, 2019

Volume: 10 Issue: 6

Editor's Note -- we have a couple of juicy stories to share with you, including how LG is featuring a Run on Sun install in their marketing materials (with good reason, it is awesome!), and Yet Another Reason to Choose Enphase over SolarEdge.

But June has been crazy, and July is likely to be worse - and don't forget the 4th of July!!! - so our writing has taken a hit. So those stories will have to wait until the July newsletter.

But for now, this…

Ensemble Rollout Coming into Focus

On the heels of their video release last month, the folks at Enphase have now published an FAQ page on the entire Ensemble system.  Here are some highlights...

Ensemble FAQ page

Perhaps the most exciting item is that they are expecting deliveries around Christmas time -- what a great gift!  That said, I'm sure quantities are going to be limited at least initially. To that point, however, it looks like there will be a "pre-order" option - though the FAQ page is silent on details or pricing.

The most disappointing answer is that the system will not be compatible with S and M series microinverters, although they are planning an upgrade path, similar to the "Early Adopters" program that they had earlier this year.

Happy to hear your feedback - obviously we are following developments here closely, watch this space.