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September, 2018

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SB 700 Signed Into Law!

After a two-year effort, the top priority bill for the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA) was signed into law by Governor Brown. SB 700 will extend the existing Self-Generation Incentive Program for up to five additional years and make available an additional $800 million dollars for rebate payments.

Under the law, both residential and commercial customers that install intelligent storage systems are eligible for rebates. (You can read CALSSA's one-page here.)

From the CALSSA victory email:

Passing SB 700 and getting it signed into law was a long hard fight. It would not have been possible without the tenacious leadership of Senator Wiener (D-SF) as well as those of you who took the time to take part in our lobby day, meet with your legislators, and write and call their offices. Solar and storage is not a spectator sport and getting this bill across the finish line required all of you taking time out of your busy days to show up and demand action from your representatives.

The hard work and sacrifice paid off, and because of it, our industry's future is brighter. In addition, California consumers will see more savings and our grid will be more resilient.

Congrats to all who helped get this over the finish line, especially CALSSA Executive Director, Bernadette Del Chiaro, and her entire team—great working with you! Now let's work to make SGIP manageable for installation companies of all sizes!

“The hard work and sacrifice paid off, and because of it, our industry's future is brighter…”

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EV Rebates - not just for PWP Customers!

Last month we wrote about a rebate program being offered by Pasadena Water & Power for both the purchase of an Electric Vehicle (new or used) as well as the installation of EV chargers.  Which got us to thinking, don't the other local utilities have something similar?  Well guess what, they do!  Read on to see what might be available from a utility near you!

EVs being charged

Southern California Edison (SCE)

SCE offers rebates for both purchasing an EV as well as installing a level 2 (i.e., 240 VAC) charger.

EV Rebate

The SCE rebate for purchasing an EV is $450.  Here are the requirements:

  • You must be an SCE residential customer (vehicles registered to businesses are not eligible).
  • The EV must be among the vehicles listed on the Drive Clean website (which lists 35 models of EVs from 2018 alone!).
  • The vehicle's registration address must be the same as the customer's address with SCE, but the name on the service account need not be the same as that of the vehicle owner.
  • The vehicle's registration is current with the State of California.
  • The vehicle has not received more than two rebates in the past.
  • If you have multiple EVs, each vehicle is subject to a rebate if the above qualifications are satisfied.

To apply for the SCE EV rebate, go here.

Charger Rebate

SCE also offers a rebate of $500 to install a Level 2 charger at your home.  Here are the requirements:

  • You must enroll in one of the available Time-of-Use (TOU) rates.  BE CAREFUL!  Depending on your usage patterns this might be a very expensive option!  Run on Sun can, for a nominal fee, assess your present usage and let you know what your annual bill would do under each of the available TOU rate options.  Please contact us if you are interested in our providing you with this service.
  • You need to pull a permit for the installation, and have the work performed by a C-10 electrician (B contractors are not allowed to participate in this rebate program).
  • You need to provide a copy of the signed-off permit after inspection and a copy of your permit receipt (be sure the electrician provides you with these documents).

To apply for the SCE EV charger rebate, go here.

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)

LADWP does not appear to offer a rebate for the purchase of a new EV, but they do offer a rebate for purchasing a used EV, as well as installing an EV charger.  Their overall EV page is here.

Used EV Rebate

LADWP is offering a pilot program for the first 2,000 approved applicants who purchase an EV two or more years old (i.e., model year 2016 or older).  The rebate is $450 and opened on April 1, 2018. 

Here are the requirements:

  • EV must be two years old or older, and never received an LADWP rebate for its purchase previously.
  • EV must have been purchased after April 1, 2018.
  • Permanent residence must be served by LADWP
  • Complete the rebate application - download it here.
  • Copy of DMV registration
  • Copy of bill of sale
  • Proof of residence

EV Charger Rebate

LADWP offers a $500 rebate for installing a Level 2 EV charger (i.e., 240 VAC).  Program requirements are:

  • Completed rebate application - download it here.
  • Proof of EV charger purchase - paid invoice that includes
    • Purchase date
    • Retailer name, address and phone
    • EV charger make and model
    • How paid for - check, credit card, etc.
  • DMV registration that shows EV registered at account address
  • Photos of completed installation, nameplate of charger (showing serial number, make and model number)

Interestingly, LADWP does not specifically require the installation to be permitted and inspected.

Burbank Water & Power (BWP)

BWP offers a rebate of $500 for residential EV charger installations.  (You can access the rebate application here.)  They do not appear to offer a rebate for purchasing EVs.

Program requirements for the EV charger rebate are:

  • Applicant must be a BWP customer or charge their EV at a location served by BWP.
  • Agree to be switched to a Time-of-Use rate in return for the EV charger rebate.  CAUTION: this could be an expensive switch.  Be sure to consider how and when you use energy before agreeing to switch.
  • Application must be submitted within four months of purchase.
  • Installation must be hardwired (i.e., not plug-in) Level 2, and permitted and inspected by the City.
  • Supporting documentation including:
    • Copy of charger purchase receipt/invoice
    • Copy of installation receipt
    • Copy of signed-off permit
    • Copy of DMV registration
    • Photo of installed charger

Glendale Water & Power (GWP)

As is often the case, GWP's programs mirror those of BWP.   GWP offers a $500 rebate for residential EV charger installations, but nothing toward the purchase of the EV itself.  Here's a link to their overall EV page.  One interesting wrinkle, GWP issues the rebate in the form of a credit on your GWP bill - none of the other rebate programs said that.

Here are the requirements for the EV charger rebate:

  • Applicant must be an active GWP account holder.
  • Charger must be a new, Level 2 (i.e., 240 VAC) charger, and the application must be submitted within four months of purchase..
  • Installation must be permitted and inspected by the City if the charger is hard-wired.
  • Supporting documentation includes:
    • Copy of charger receipt/invoice
    • Photo of installed charger
    • Copy of labor receipt (optional)
    • Copy of the signed-off permit (if required)
    • Copy of DMV registration and car purchase or lease agreement

Access the GWP EV charger rebate application form here.

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SPI Recap Coming…

Solar Power International was held in Anaheim September 24-27th, and the Run on Sun team was there in force, from the Solar Power World Top Contractors Gala on Monday night, through the endless booths on the exhibit floor.

We haven't yet had time to do the show justice, but here is a teaser for you…

Why is this image so significant?

Part of what makes this industry grow and improve are the small innovations brought forward by companies up and down the supply chain.

This image is of a new-style grounding lug that bolts to the top of the rail. So why is that a big deal? Because it allows the installer to simply run their equipment grounding conductor (the somewhat unwieldy solid-copper #6 gauge wire) in a straight line with out the twists and bends needed when the lug is on the side of the rail.


Why is this lug such an improvement?

Everest, the manufacturer of this little beauty, has it in testing with UL Labs so that it can be listed for this use. But sadly, too often, UL Listing is just the start of the process, as individual cities and counties insist upon their own hurdles being surmounted. That simply adds cost and delay for no actual benefit in safety.

Nowhere is that more true than it is in Los Angeles County, where one individual wields an absurd amount of say over something as trivial as this ground lug. Concentrating that much power into the hands of any one person is a recipe for corruption, and it really needs to stop.

We will be writing more about SPI in the days ahead, watch this space!

“Concentrating that much power into the hands of any one person is a recipe for corruption…”

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