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September, 2021

Volume: 12 Issue: 9

New Feature: Installation of the Month!

We have been super busy lately and that has caused our writing production to suffer. But in an effort to turn a negative into a positive, we have decded to feature an "Installation of the Month" to showcase some of the cool work we have been doing. After all, reading about solar is pretty cool, but seeing solar is way cooler!

We have written before about the value that our drone provides in capturing imagery for doing our design work. But we can also pull out one of those images to set the stage, if you will, for the project images to come. Here's how the house looked during our site eval (notice the broken tile!):

. House during site eval

Several challenges to this project: It is a tile roof, and it is the second story of an unusually tall home. Because of the layout of the backyard, the actual roof, and therefore the array, will be nearly invisible.

Our approach to a tile roof like this is to remove the tile in the area of the array, put down new roofing materail where the array will go, properly flash all of our attachments, and then when done, back fill around the edges of the array so that it still looks like a uniform tile roof - even if you can only see it from the drone!

That solves the tile roof issue, what about the height? While some folks - like roofers - are in love with 36' ladders, we're not. A scissors lift wouldn't work because it couldn't get close enough to the roof, so that required us to break out a boom lift. You might notice in the picture above that there is an archway in the driveway - because of course, why wouldn't there be? That made for a tight fit for the lift, but we were able to squeeze by. Here's the view from the lift mid-project:

View from boom lift

The new roofing material has been laid down where the array will go, the rails are in, and we are starting to install the Enphase IQ7+ microinverters, crucial here because of a fair amount of shade as you can see!

Things proceeded smoothly there after, and here's the finished project, again courtesy of the drone:

I really like the look of this install - those LG 370's are great and the Everest rail with their Yeti endclamps provide a super-clean look!

Oh and for the inspection - the drone again came to the rescue! We had taken photos of the junction box on the roof to show the inspector, and we flew the drone so that the inspector could look at whatever he wanted, without climbing a ladder and risking broken tiles! Unfortunately, the client had to wait nearly a month for PTO because the utility ran out of solar-capable meters!

At Run on Sun we have the experience and know-how to solve your solar installation problems. Give us a call today and let's get started!