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SCE Rates Set for 3-Year Climb


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SCE Rates Set for 3-Year Climb

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just approved a modified rate case for Southern California Edison (SCE) that will guarantee rate increases for the next three years.  According to an article discussing the decision by Marc Lifsher in the LA Times, SCE’s rates will increase on average by 5% this year.  But that is just the start of the bad news for SCE ratepayers - SCE’s rates will increase by 6.3% for next year and by an additional 5.9% in 2014!

According to a press release put out by the CPUC, SCE has twenty days to file new tariffs with the CPUC which will become effective immediately.

For a commercial SCE customer who presently pays roughly $10,000/month, they can expect to be paying $11,720/month once the three rate increases take effect - an increase of more than $20,000/year.

There can be no doubt that comparable - or higher - rate increases will continue.  Adding a solar power system to your business or home is easily the best hedge that you can have against such one-way cost increases.  Give us a call (626-793-6025) or click on that big Sun on the right and let’s get started today at putting you in charge of your energy future.


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