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People's Solar Decathlon Choice - Team USC?

The 2013 Solar Decathlon is well underway and one important competition is actually not only open to the public, it is determined by the public.  Here’s how you can play a part!

fluxHome exteriorWe are talking about the Solar Decathlon’s People’s Choice Award - where the general public gets to cast a vote for their favorite entry.  Now we have a dog in this hunt, and that is the awesome fluxHome from Team USC.  Above you see the home, ready to welcome the public, at Orange County Great Park in Irvine.  And here’s a look inside on an especially sunny day:

Interior view of Team USC's fluxHome

Check out  the plea for support from USC Team member, Evyn Larson:

Thank you for your support of the USC Solar Decathlon Team thus far.  We have one more request: Vote for #111, Team USC, in the People’s Choice award! All you need is an email address. Votes must be cast before 11:00 am on Friday, 10/11/13.

Click here to Vote!

Please pass the link around to your family, friends, and colleagues. We need all the votes we can get - together, we can win this!

Always, Fight On!
Evyn Larson and the Team USC students

So there you have it - do your part to support our local team by clicking on the link above and vote for #111, Team USC!


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