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Help Run on Sun Grow! - UPDATED 2x!!!

UPDATE AS OF 3:20 p.m.: We Made IT!!! Thanks to your overwhelming support, we garnered 250 votes in just 7 days!  Thanks to everyone who voted and especially those who urged others to vote - you folks really rocked the house for us and we really appreciate it!

UPDATE: Here we are one week later and we have made great progress!  As of 6:30 a.m. on June 14, we are up to 235 votes!  So who will put us over the top?  Maybe YOU!!!  Please follow the directions below and Vote!  Thanks so much!

As a general rule, we try to avoid blatant self-promotion in this blog - preferring instead to help educate folks about the solar industry.  But this post is different - this post is a naked appeal to you, our dear reader, to help us grow our business in a most dramatic way!

Run on Sun is participating in a competition sponsored by Chase Bank and LivingSocial and your vote is key!  Here’s the deal - the sponsors are kicking in up to $3 million to award grants of $250,000 each to as many as twelve small businesses.  Each competing small business submits an application that explains who they are, why they are awesome, and how they will make use of the grant should they be lucky enough to be chosen.  But to even be considered, each small business must demonstrate their community support by getting 250 people to vote for them.

And that’s where YOU come in!

Mission small business - help Run on Sun win a $250,000 grant

If you click on the enormous blue button above, you will be taken to the program website.  Once there, please click on the “Log in & Support” link on the bottom right.  That will log you in via your Facebook account and take you to the search page.

In the search box you can either enter “Run on Sun” or select Pasadena, California to see all of the companies from Pasadena that are competing (there’s a lot!).  Either way, when you get to the Run on Sun entry, please vote for us.  That’s all there is to it!

To even be considered for the grant, we need to garner at least 250 votes and we need to do this before July 1.  So please, click right NOW!
And as always, thanks so much for your support!


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