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LA Community College District Joins 100% Committed Campaign

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of what will be many blog posts from Run on Sun’s newest member, Sophia Mazurek.  We will have lots more to say about Sophia in the days to come, but I think you will find her observations well worth your time!]

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In early July, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) signed the Clean Energy and Sustainability Resolution to ensure all community colleges in LACCD will commit to transferring over to clean energy by 2030. This is a huge step for the city of LA, as the LACCD is the largest community college district in the country. This process is fueled by The Climate Reality Project’s 100% Committed™  campaign, which is pushing for large corporations and industries to power their facilities using ONLY clean energy. 

Not only does this campaign promote 100% renewable energy, but it brings together communities all over the country to ensure that every government and business is proactive and aware of the climate crisis we are currently facing. 

In response, Environment California research and policy center director Dan Jacobson released the following statement:

By taking this step toward 100% clean and renewable energy, LACCD is driving progress and showing us all that what just a few years ago was considered a pipe dream is possible. We know that we need to transition our whole economy to renewable energy to ensure a cleaner, healthier future. Leadership from colleges and universities can help pave the way. Congratulations and thank you to LACCD!

The Climate Reality Project encourages YOU to take action in your city or local government by creating your own 100% committed campaign, which you can download directly from the 100% Committed site.. This will provide the outline and necessary step-by-step procedures to help businesses, schools, and governments in your area transition to 100% renewable energy. As former vice president Al Gore said, “Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, but we need people like YOU to stand up and ACT." 

Your voice can be heard! Take the dedicated citizens and students of LA as an example: they continued to call, email, and facilitate meetings with the LACC district board members to spark the change they wanted to see. Thanks to them, our community is now moving towards a more bright and sustainable future. 



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