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Saying Goodbye to LG...

On February 23rd the news broke that LG Electronics was abandoning the solar module business worldwide.  This announcement came without warning, and reverberated throughout the industry like the bolt from the blue that it was.  Here’s our take…

Long time readers of this blog are well aware of our long-standing relationship with LG.  We first installed LG modules all the way back in 2011 and have been installing them exclusively ever since.  Our biggest projects all feature LG modules.  We installed the first LG Neon modules anywhere in the world!

Over the years, we met many of the LG folks - both from here in the States as well as from South Korea.  We learned that they read this blog, and appreciated our enthusiastic support for their product.  After all, we believe that part of our job is to simplify the process of going solar for our clients.  That means identifying the best-in-class products - both technically as well as value for the buck - and bring those to our clients.  For a decade we felt confident representing LG in just that fashion.  After all, we would say, LG is huge, they aren’t going anywhere!

Until they did.

Without warning.

Leaving it to their installer base to have the awkward conversations while they simply went away.

That is no way to reward loyalty.  How LG behaved, in a word, is disgraceful.

What could they have done?  They could have put the industry on notice that if things did not improve via whatever metrics mattered, they would need to quit.  That would have sent shockwaves to be sure, but it also would have given the industry the option of rallying to LG - which some surely would have done - or make an informed decision to go in another direction.  After a decade of promotion, that was the least they should have done.

But in the end, they chose to do far less.


Life on the Solar Coaster Continues

It’s not for nothing that this industry is referred to by many as the Solar Coaster, with more ups and downs than anything one can find at Magic Mountain.  It seems that the only thing I have been writing about lately are the efforts on the policy front to shut down rooftop solar - and now this!

The only good news is that LG has said that they will continue to honor their warranty.  Hopefully they will live up to that promise.

Meanwhile… we have been doing our homework over the past month plus and have identified our new solar module partner going forward.  But that is a story for another day.

Today is a day to look back on a decade of loyalty that ended in betrayal.




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Installing Solar in a Time of Lockdowns

Editor’s Note: As Los Angeles County sees new COVID-19 cases spiking to over 5,000 per day, we wanted to update our followers and potential clients on how things are shaking out.  We just learned that the wife of one of our roofers is ill with the disease and he is in quarantine. Needless to say, we are hoping for her full and swift recovery.  So while this is anything but business as usual, we are still here and working, albeit moving slower than we would like.  We asked Sophia to remind you of just how we work and let you know that we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!  Take it away, Sophia!

Sophia MazurekRun on Sun is Very Much Open!

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we are still safely operating here at Run on Sun! The great thing about installing solar is that it requires little close-client contact! When we receive new inquiries, we are able to complete the entire solar install process from site evaluation to final inspection at a distance, and of course, masked. We prioritize your safety and our safety over everything.

Since we are still open and currently working on projects, we want to give you a little insight on the Run on Sun process!   

Since 2006, we have been installing quality solar and storage systems. We pride ourselves on being 100% up-front with our potential clients. As we all know, solar can be quite the investment! It is important for us to make sure each system is going to have economic benefits and will be valuable to the home. These benefits can greatly vary based on location, roof factors, and shading. We want to assure that you are not going to be putting in more money than you are getting out. Your solar system should eventually result in an investment income. In other words, going solar with us will greatly reduce or eliminate your electric bills and will have an economic return! Unfortunately, there are always going to be some houses that will not reap the benefits of solar.

Oscar the RoS drone!A site evaluation with Run on Sun is an easy, stress-free process! First, we will collect your energy usage history to determine your potential system size. We will then come to your property with our drone (we call him Oscar!) and capture aerial images, which will give us detailed monthly solar-resource data from your roof. (We aim for an average annual sun exposure of 80% or more to go forward with a project.) After we have gathered all necessary data, we use a sophisticated software service called Scanifly to create a precise 3D model of your home with solar included. A comprehensive proposal of the system, quote, and savings will be sent to you free of charge!

Run Down of Our Selected Products

Here at Run on Sun–we value quality and have carefully chosen our products from extensive research and testing. Our go-to panel manufacturer for each system is made by LG (you know, the Life is Good folks!).  LG’s  durable and reliable panels have been giving us the most efficient results for years. We trust LG to provide us with reasonable prices, amazing quality, and impeccable aesthetics. In addition, each panel has a 25-year warranty so there are zero financial penalties if anything were to malfunction!

We also use all Enphase products, including the IQ7+ microinverter and the Envoy monitoring device, which allows us and our clients to view system production. We are also now installing the Ensemble Energy Storage System, that can be a terrific addition, particularly for clients in the SCE service area. We have been partners with Enphase since 2009 - we installed system ID 1,470!  They are re-imagining the solar industry by making the process easier, faster, and by far–more reliable. Each microinverter comes with a 25-year warranty and allows for complete customer inclusion by making their monitoring system comprehensive and mobile-friendly.

Why go with Run on Sun?

The solar market is competitive and there are a lot of installers out there! Here at Run on Sun, Founder & CEO Jim Jenal is NABCEP certified, and we are constantly updating our knowledge as the solar world continues to evolve. The way we view solar is a little different from other companies. We recognize how big of an investment going solar can be. However, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for the world. We want to make sure our customers understand every single aspect of the process and are getting all questions answered thoroughly. For us, it’s not about selling a system. It’s about making sure solar is going to be beneficial for you. Run on Sun is always 100% transparent with each client. If we run the numbers and there is little economic advantage–we will highlight that from the start. Our motive to install solar stems from our passion for the planet and for the people. We put in the necessary time and effort to ensure the highest quality of system is achieved, and we go the extra lengths to help our customers in any way possible.

So–what are you waiting for? Get a free solar quote now! We would love to hear from you.

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