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Thanks, Vick!


  07:06:00 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 378 words  
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Thanks, Vick!

This blog is all about the solar industry so it rarely gets personal.  But yesterday something happened that was so unexpected and so gratifying that I just have to share it.

I had taken my daughter (a/k/a The Solar Kid) to a midday-appointment and we were walking back to my car - which happens to be adorned with Run on Sun logos - when it happened.  A man, sporting a 2008 vintage Obama t-shirt, was standing on the sidewalk with his bicycle, next to my car.  As we approached he - we’ll call him Vick - started talking to me, but I never would have expected what he had to say.

You see, the amazing thing is he was exclaiming about this blog!

He congratulated me on my “fine work” on the blog, particularly regarding my analysis of CSI data.  I thanked him and told him how nice it was to come across someone who actually read the blog.  “Oh,” he assured me, “lots of people read your blog."  He then turned to Julia and asked her if I was her “Pop."  Yes, she said.  “Well,” he said, “he does great work!”

Now keep in mind that I, like most bloggers I presume, labor away mostly in obscurity.  Every once and awhile, something I write will generate a fair number of comments, but most of the time my posts disappear into the ether with nary a trace.  My website analytics assure me that somebody - or at least some-bot - is reading these musings, but for the most part there is very little feedback.

And then Vick happens.

Certainly the best part of the whole encounter was that my daughter was there to witness it and she seemed even happier about it than I was!  After all, a large part of why I started this enterprise in the first place was Julia - to have more flexibility with my time to be there for her, to do something she could point to with pride, and to ultimately make her world a better place.  Yesterday, as I took time in the middle of the day to take her to an appointment, provided another, amazingly explicit, example that this endeavor was working.

So thank you, Vick, for your way-too-kind endorsement yesterday, it meant more than you can know.


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