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Solar Triumphant!


  12:31:00 pm, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 306 words  
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Solar Triumphant! - Part 3 of 3

In part 1 of this series, we discovered the tremendous damage that can occur when an improperly installed solar power system is hit by a once-in-a-generation windstorm.  In part 2, we figured out how the failure had occurred, and we learned that - shockingly - at least one solar contractor is perfectly ok trying to rip off an insurance company!

Having figured out what went wrong with the old installation, it was time to make it right! This post - and the video that follows - will introduce you to our homeowner and to the folks from Unirac who stepped in to help us get this homeowner back online producing clean, reliable and safe solar power!

It was great to work with the folks at Unirac and we are very touched by the sentiments expressed by Rachel.

Of course, that is always our goal - to leave our clients feeling that we have done more than what was expected, more than just what the job called for us to do.  It is the little extra steps taken that not only insure a happy client, but a system that we can point to with pride.

Here’s an image of the finished system:

Completed solar array

And here are some details - check out these clamps, especially the end clamp:

Mid-clamp, solarmount Evolution

Unirac Solarmount Evolution Mid-Clamp between two Sanyo solar panels

End-clamp solarmount Evolution

Unirac Solarmount Evolution End-Clamp holding a Sanyo solar panel

It is easy to see why Unirac calls this Solarmount Evolution because this product really has moved beyond what was available just a year ago.  With gear like this, we are confident that these clamps will never allow a panel to separate from the rails - “come loose from its moorings” to quote Rachel - and thus, we feel that this is the safest system we have ever installed.  This will be our new standard going forward.  Great job, Unirac, and thanks!



Comment from: Solar Dale  
Solar Dale
Hi Jim, this is a great 3-part series. You demonstrate professionalism and excellent customer service. Was there any damage to the roof from flying module frames? The new Unirac clamps look really sturdy. Thanks, Dale Boots on the Roof
03/29/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO
Hi Dale - Thanks for the kind words - they are really appreciated. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any damage to the roof - I think most of the destruction took place when the panels slammed into the unistrut super-structure that formed the tilt-up base for the array. The new Unirac Solarmount Evolution product is great - we are working right now on a 52 kW system using it and I am confident that it will be the strongest, safest installation we have ever done - definitely a good direction for the industry. Cheers… Jim
03/29/12 @ 17:27

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