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Intersolar Conference Hilights Solar Industry Growth


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Intersolar Conference Hilights Solar Growth

The 20th Annual Intersolar North America Conference got underway this week and its growth reflects that of the industry it showcases. More than 800 exhibiting companies from over 30 countries are arrayed (pun intended) over more than 170,000 square feet of floor space. (More than a few people will be exhibiting sore feet before this is over!)

The show’s exhibition space has grown by 30 percent from the year before - an impressive number until you realize that the solar industry itself effectively doubled in 2010.

Along with its bigger cousin, Solar Power International (which this year will be held in Dallas in mid-October), Intersolar North America allows industry players to display their wares - from the latest advances in solar panels and inverters to the smallest component in the Balance of System space, like WEEB clips (used for grounding) and flashings.

Here are a couple of highlights so far:

  • Suntech has announced the introduction of two new solar panels including a 290 Watt model designed for large-scale solar installations.  Along with the new product roll-out, Suntech is extending its limited product warranty from five to ten years - making it one of the longest warranties in the industry.  (Suntech also offers a separate 25-year power output warranty.)
  • Enphase Energy is showing of its hot, new 215 Watt micro-inverter and the “Engage” cabling system (seriously, that is what they are calling it - they had a contest to pick the name!).

Here is a video showing some other interesting elements of the show:

Who better to give some predictions about the future of solar in America than Rhone Resch, President of the Solar Energy Industry Association?  Check out this interview:

And finally, of course, there is lots of time spent just having a good time!

Solar pros enjoy a Tweetup at Intersolar NA 2011

(The conference is in San Francisco this year - so how could you NOT have a good time?)


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