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Time is Up! Welcome to NEM 3.0


  01:33:00 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 241 words  
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Time is Up! Welcome to NEM 3.0

The Ides of March came and went, and with it access to NEM 2.0!

We - and pretty much every one else in the California solar industry - experienced a mad, last-minute crush as we tried to get as many applications submitted with time to respond to the inevitable kickback from SCE before the final clock strike on April 14th. 

Our oldest filing with the status, “Application Submitted” goes back to February 21st.  That means  18 business days have elapsed since we submitted that application and it has yet to be looked at by anyone at SCE!  Ironically, this isn’t even an application for PV, it is simply a storage addition.  But yeah, things have been busy - that application was number 403,122.  The final application that we submitted on the 15th was number 433,008 - a total of 29,886 applications in 15 business days - that’s crazy!

So now what?  Well, for the next 28 days we wait to see what excuse SCE will find to reject our applications, because we know that they will! Once they do, we will respond before the final re-submission deadline so that all of our submissions end up approved.

As to everyone else in SCE territory, we’re sorry you missed out on the great gold rush of ‘23.  Know, however, that we have the modeling tools needed to accurately estimate your savings under the byzantine formula that is NEM 3.0.  And to all you folks in PWP territory, the good news is that nothing has changed for you!



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