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A Look Back to Solar 2009 & A Look Ahead to 2010


  02:36:42 pm, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 457 words  
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A Look Back to Solar 2009 & A Look Ahead to 2010

Here it is, the last day of 2009 and in some ways this year cannot be over too soon.  For many folks this was an extremely difficult year with lost jobs, lost homes, lost fortunes.  Even for those more fortunate among us, business growth was way down (as one wag put it, “Flat is the new Up!") and many anticipated projects were delayed or cancelled altogether.

Still, as we head (eagerly) into 2010 it is worth noting that there were some bright spots in the Solar industry this past year, and here are a few:

  • Lower Costs - with the feedstock silicon bottleneck largely a thing of the past and new manufacturing facilities springing up around the globe, 2009 saw dramatic drops in the price of solar panels, just in time for the economic slow down to create an even greater surplus driving prices down even more.  Look for that decline to stabilize (if not reverse) in 2010 as economic growth catches up with pent up demand for solar PV.
  • Solar Power International - the annual industry showcase was quite the marvel this year with an exhibit floor that was truly as exhausting as it was exhilarating.
  • Legislative Progress - while Nancy Skinner’s net metering cap bill didn’t make it, AB 920 did, and so for the first time in California, utilities will have to pay net energy producers for their surplus energy production.  (Unless you are “served” by LADWP - what is up with that?)  This change in the law is a win for consumers and installers.
  • AB 811 Progress - as has been reported on here in some detail, LA County is moving ahead with its efforts to get the AB 811 program up and running.  If done right - potentially a big if based on some comments made by some bureaucrats at the most recent stakeholders meeting - this could be a huge boon to the industry by allowing residential customers to install solar with little or no upfront cost.
  • Formation of an ASES Chapter in LA - although still a work in progress, a fledgling chapter of the American Solar Energy Society is working hard to establish itself in this diverse and far-flung region.  The chapter is looking to recruit new members and we will be posting about the chapter throughout 2010.
  • Our Friends, Fans & Customers - thanks to all of you, this was our best year yet and we look forward to 2010 as being a breakout year for Solar in Southern California generally - and even more so for Run on Sun.  Without your loyal support, that simply could not happen and we are extremely grateful.

From the home of the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, all of us at Run on Sun wish you and yours a safe, prosperous, and most of all, Happy New Year!


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