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Is it Magic? Can you really get a Solar Edge?


  09:08:39 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 161 words  
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Is it Magic? Can you really get a Solar Edge?

One interesting product development here at SPI – DC to DC conversion for optimizing string performance. National Semiconductor’s Solar Magic product pushes MPP tracking down to the module level.  Israeli company, Solar Edge, takes it a step farther, offering an integrated system that includes their own inverter that takes advantage of strings providing output at the optimal voltage to run at peak efficiency.

These are not micro-inverters - it looks like Enphase still has that market to itself (surprisingly) - instead these products allow each panel to operate independently, but still only have DC on the roof.  Solar Edge touts that it is installer and firefighter friendly because the panel boxes shut off when the inverter is off and thus, de-energizes the DC run.  (Something roof mounted DC disconnects are intended to accomplish, but cannot.)

Too soon to tell whether these products will grow beyond interesting ideas and into mainstream products, but no doubt they would like to catch some of that Enphase magic.


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