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Solar Decathlon 2013 - Fight On!


  09:43:00 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 329 words  
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Solar Decathlon 2013 - Fight On!

The best part of an LA Solar Tweet-up is the chance to meet new folks who share the same passion for solar - and that passion was really on display with the two folks from USC’s 2013 Solar Decathlon Team - Stephen Collins and Evyn Larson.  Fight On, indeed!

For those who missed our prior reporting on the Solar Decathlon, the competition is a biennial event which previously has been held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  As cool as that site is, we are really excited to know that this year’s competition will be held here in Southern California - at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine.  The competition will run from October 3 - 13 and will be open to the public.  (We will provide lots more details about how to attend the event as we get closer to it.)

Twenty teams are competing, with four of them from California, including:

Each team designs and builds a livable home that they must then be able to disassemble, transport to the competition site, and re-assemble for the judging.  As the name implies, Solar Decathlon homes are judged in ten separate contests that are either based on objective measurements (such as energy balance) or juried (architecture) or both (home entertainment).  (You can read more about the specific contests at the DOE’s Solar Decathlon website.)

Which brings us back to Team USC which joined us for the solar tweet-up last night.  Evyn is an architecture major and Stephen is in Electrical Engineering and between the two of them, they are all over this project.  Here’s a very cool video highlighting the features of their design:

We look forward to following their progress (and maybe even helping to facilitate part of the process!) and we encourage others to check out their website, go like their Facebook page, and - of course - follow them on Twitter.


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Thanks for the great update Jim. This is a really exciting competition and we really look forward to engaging the public with it. Fight on! -Stephen (@eesmc)
02/03/13 @ 13:58

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