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AB 811 is Coming to LA County (and a City Near YOU!) - UPDATE


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AB 811 is Coming to LA County (and a City Near YOU!) - UPDATE

Assembly Bill 811 authorizes cities and counties to create a funding mechanism for property owners to add solar (or other energy efficiency measures) to their property without any upfront cost.   Instead, the loan is paid back through an assessment on the owner’s property tax bill and is paid back over twenty years.

Los Angeles county is developing an umbrella program to implement an AB 811 project throughout the county.  The initial funding for the program is to come from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the Stimulus bill).  You can follow LA County’s progress by checking out their AB 811 website
UPDATE: (9/14/2011) the AB 811 website is no longer available.  However, in its place you can visit the Energy Upgrade website for information about energy-efficiency rebate programs in LA County.

This is a great opportunity for home owners to add solar with no upfront cost and a low interest loan paid back over twenty years!

Don’t be left out - make sure that your City is signed up to participate in the program.  We anticipate that the first loans will be made available next spring.


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